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Submit your work ★Makeupftw Submission Guidelines★

- Please credit your submission, whether it is your own work or another artist’s work.

- Your submission must be make-up, nails, or beauty related.

- Only select relevant tags. For example: Do not select the “video” or “tutorials” tag if your submission is a picture that does not include a link to a video or tutorial. Do not select “lipstick” if your submission is a picture of your eyes only.

- Make sure your picture follows these guidelines:

★We will not accept… ★

- Requests to reblog a post from your blog.

- Submissions without credit or plagiarism (stealing anyone else’s work).

- Mean spirited or rude responses/reblogs to makeup submitted by others. We will block you.

- Requests to promote your blog, unless it is make-up, nails, or beauty related.

- Heavily edited or photoshopped make-up.


Q: How many times can I submit in a day?
A: There is no limit on how many submissions per day you can submit!

Q: I submitted a post today. Where is it?
A: All submissions are queued, so please wait a day or two for it to post. However, your submission will not be posted if it does not follow the Submission Guidelines.

Q: I submitted several different pictures of the same look. Where are they all?
A: If you submit more than 2 pictures of the same look, we will select only 2 pictures to post.
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