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  • We will post every submission and question we are sent, unless it is outrageously offensive, because we are all about showcasing MUA’s everywhere, whether they are well known or not! 
  • ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE QUEUED. Therefore, it may take anywhere from a few hours to a week or so for things to post. 
  • PLEASE DON’T MESSAGE US ASKING WHERE YOUR SUBMISSION IS. It’s more than likely in our queue, therefore it’s in line to be posted, so just chill :)
  • Sorry, but we will not promote your blog (unless it is makeup-related, ie. you are a makeup artist and your blog is your portfolio).
  • Because this blog is run by different moderators, we cannot follow back
  • If we post any of your work without credit, please contact us via the ask button or, and we will either link your website or take down your work.


That means any unnecessarily rude remarks made about submissions will NOT be accepted, and you will be blocked. If you are a blog with the sole purpose of mocking others, you will also be blocked. Don’t like it? Don’t follow.

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